Installation 2

Mijn tent, niemand ziet, niemand vraagt zich af

For this project, I have asked three visitors from Blaka Watra (a shelter fot homeless and addicted people in Amsterdam) what they will do when they live outside of society in a tent. As wrongly nurtured and casted away from the cultured, urbanised society, my question seems to be a contradictory one to them; because as an addicted or homeless, they have already marginalised, living outside of society. I asked them to imagine a place outside of society as a utopia, a place in nature where everything is possible.



When the surrounding urban society returning back into its very natural status and sleeps at nights, my inner-self comes fore. ‘Nachtblind’
materialises the feelings which overruling me when I am alone during the night. When the nurtured society rests, when urbanism slows down its pace, and when nature overcomes culture, I could reject all the imposed social rituals, become free and get mystically unified with the environment where the shapes and forms are not certain anymore. Hovering overa vague state of trance, I have painted what society is unprecedentedly distancing from; nature.



DSC_8007 levendigheid

IMG_8776 levendig 60

IMG_8779 levendig

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